Who We Are

Red Storm Drum & Dance Troupe is a non-profit Native American educational performance and community outreach group.

Our members are from many different Native American heritages. We are historians, drummers, dancers, flute players, storytellers, and educators of the Native American Culture. Through our music, songs, dances, and stories we hope to open the eyes, minds and hearts of those present to the beauty of our culture. Though we are of different heritages, we become one through our dance and drum.

Audience participation is encouraged during our performances.  Inviting others to to join us in dance or play a role in our stories allows the public, young and old, to feel become absorbed in our culture, which once was, and still is, a part of this beautiful land.

Performances include the setup of a small Teepee, a display case of artifacts from Staten Island and the New York area with a brief description of each item and the use of hand held accoutrements while dancing.

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Red Storm Drum & Dance  Troupe